We choose to be active in the villages where there are no other facilities. Therefore, almost all projects are in the old villages in the area. Our focus is on children, young people and women.


For teenagers we organize sports activities in their village. At the moment we have been able to train different teams in Ultimate Frisbee. In this sport, social elements are also discussed such as: honesty, respect, trust and forgiveness. Tournaments are also organized between the teams in the region. These activities make the teens flourish and become more involved with each other. They really appreciate being able to participate and they are very enthusiastic and motivated.


We organize a children’s club for children between 4 and 13 years old. We tell stories, do crafts together and teach them English and learn new songs. And we always end with something to eat and drink. The parents are happy that their children can go to a “child-friendly” place.


Since the spring of 2021, we have started teaching Ukulele to a dozen children. Through music the children can express themselves better and experience a lot of fun by discovering their musical talent together.


Many children come from a weaker environment and that is why we make many home visits to monitor their well-being. For example, we have regular contact with families who are divorced or where there is domestic violence. We usually cannot change the situation as much, but try to help the children as much as possible. We offer them a safe place in the center where they can come.


We are currently able to provide food aid to about thirty families on a regular basis. They are families living in unimaginable poverty. In some families, both parents are ill and have no income or assistance. Other families have lost their husbands and brothers.

In addition to food aid, there are sometimes situations where we help to cover medical costs; such as medicines or surgeries.

We help families refurbish their shelters and tents so that they can survive the winter dry, we also provide stoves and kerosene.


From spring 2020 we will have crochet clubs for girls and women. In the first project we taught them to crochet bags that we later sold in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the women are accomplished crocheters and they also crochet other items such as ponchos, baby blankets, hats, etc.