In the spring of 2021, we taught Arabic lessons to a group of women. The women are between the ages of seventeen and forty-five years old and are illiterate. They never went to school and could not read or write. From young to old they were very enthusiastic and all have obtained a certificate.


We organize sewing lessons for young women. We not only teach them how to sew, but also how to run their own sewing workshop and sell the made clothing. The proceeds from the clothing are for the group of women who participate.

A number of sewing machines have also been donated from the Netherlands. We were able to give these to several women who had followed the sewing lessons and also wanted to sew at home to earn some money.


We give English lessons to children and young people in various villages. In 2019, a total of some 240 children and young people took part in the various programs. Especially for children and young people who dropped out of school, this is an activity that we use to get them out of their isolation and thus gain more interest in the world around them. They also learn discipline and regularity of going to school. The young people who successfully complete a course receive a certificate at the end. Such a certificate certainly has a lot of value for the older students. This increases their chances on the labor market and helps them to be better prepared for a follow-up study.


In the village where we work, there are many children between the ages of 9 and 18 who do not go to school, about 500. Because they have not been able to go to school in recent years, they are not allowed to attend regular education. For this group we pleaded with the government to offer them opportunities for education. In January 2020, a special school was opened for children with learning difficulties so that they can still enter regular education. Unfortunately, this school has been forced to close in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 measures and has not been restarted.

We have developed teaching programs for a prevention campaign to provide guest lessons at primary schools in the area. We see that due to the poor living conditions and the few future prospects, children and young people quickly fall into criminal behavior. This is also related to the collective trauma that the community carries. We want to discuss various topics in the lessons such as; bullying, lying, stealing and vandalism. Unfortunately, we cannot implement this program because of the COVID-19 measures.


We hold Kurdish lessons for illiterate women. The women are between the ages of seventeen and forty-five years old. They have never been to school and cannot read or write. We have developed a book to learn to read and write in (Behdini) Kurdish especially for illiterate adults and adapted to the Sinjar dialect as much as possible so that it is easy for the women to understand. And we help with practical matters such as reading doctor’s appointments and their children’s homework.