FOOD CAMPAIGN spring 2021

Help Yezidi refugees with a food package

This food campaign is an initiative of Khalid Barkat and Amjad Al-Karaf in collaboration with the Moqimi Foundation. Khalid and Amjad are both Yazidi and they fled Iraq because of the war and their Yazidi background. They are both university students in the Netherlands. In addition, they help Yazidis in the Netherlands by establishing a platform called Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning Yazidi’s (M.Y.O.). They try to help Yezidis who newly arrive in the Netherlands. They also organize events to raise awareness and draw attention to situation of Yezidis and the genocide of 2014.

Watch the video below for more information about this fundraising campaign.

Food campaign

Join the food campaign so we can help even more families! We buy the products for the packages in the local market. Such a package includes rice, bulgur, sunflower oil, beans, chickpeas, eggs, tea and milk. A food package costs 25 euros. Thanks to your donation, we can continue to help the Yezidi refugees. You can donate on IBAN NL53 RABO 0340562706, account name: Moqimi, for: Food campaign. Or pay via the QR code. You decide for how much you will support us. If you have any difficulties please check the Donation page on our website or contact us.

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