Fire in IDP camp in Sharia

Hundreds of families lost their homes in a fire in the IDP camp in Sharia.

On Friday, June 4, in the afternoon, a major fire broke out in the refugee camp in Sharia. 400 tents went up in ashes. Fortunately there were no fatalities. But hundreds of families lost everything they had and became homeless. For many this is another traumatic event and are reminded of their flight in 2014 where they lost everything.

Thousands of Yazidi refugees have been living in IDP camps for 7 years. The camp in Sharia is made up of plastic tents. Many families live close together in poor and unsafe conditions. There is still a high risk of another short circuit and another fire breaking out. That is why the government has decided that the tents may be replaced by stone buildings.

Moqimi has helped from the very beginning with providing shelter to families and distributing mattresses, blankets, clothing, food, etc. All school books have also gone up in ashes, so we also provide new school books for the affected children. In addition, Moqimi has set up a children’s program. Every morning the children are collected and taken to the center to spend a nice and relaxed morning with us. Until their houses are rebuilt, the children are welcome in the center every morning. After that, a children’s program will still be offered, but less intensively.

The rebuilding of the camp has already begun. Moqimi hires about twenty workers every day to help build the new houses. The workers have been selected from the families who became homeless in the fire.

All other activities of Moqimi continue as usual: with the children’s programs in the old villages around Sharia we currently reach more than 200 children. Every month we hand out food packages to more than 50 families.